HiBC: Human Intestinal Bacterial Collection


as of 2024-06-16


as of 2024-06-16

About HiBC

The Human intestinal Bacterial Collection (HiBC) is a collection of bacterial strains, isolated from the human gut for which 16S rRNA gene sequences, genome sequences and culture conditions are made available to the research community. In addition to previously described bacteria, we include strains that represent novel species which have been taxonomically described and validly named, or will be in the future. This collection will be updated regularly.

How to navigate the resource

We provide different layers of information accessible via corresponding tabs at the top of the page; with this, users can explore the current content HiBC:
  • taxonomy of the isolates
  • cultivation metadata
  • 16S rRNA gene and genome sequences

Strain availability

We strive to have our strains deposited in international collections and corresponding collection numbers are provided whenever available. However, due to chronic underfunding of culture collections, this is a continuous process and updates will be released whenever relevant. In the case of strains not yet available, we do our best to provide our strains on request, without guarantee of time due to the difficulty of funding staff for service purposes.

Data availability

We aim to produce research data that follows the FAIR principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable; Wilkinson et al. 2016). Therefore, we collect standardized metadata regarding the culture and isolation, sequencing, genome assembly process and the biological sequences. We are supported in that process by the NFDI4Microbiota a German consortium of the National Research Data Infrastructure that supports and train the microbiology community for better research data production and management.

Get HiBC datasets

16S rRNA gene sequences
Genomes sequences
Plasmids sequences
Isolates and genomes metadata


If you make use of HiBC, please temporarily cite our work as a website in the APA style:

Thomas C. A. Hitch, Johannes M. Masson, Charlie Pauvert, Johanna Bosch, Afrizal Afrizal, Nicole Treichel, Jonathan Hartman, Lukas C. Bossert and Thomas Clavel (n.d.). The Human Intestinal Bacterial Collection Website. Retrieved Jun 20, 2024 from https://hibc.rwth-aachen.de.

By downloading any of the HiBC data, you agree not to submit the data to any public database (e.g., NCBI, EMBL-EBI) on your behalf or on the behalf of AG Clavel.

Taxonomy of the HiBC isolates

Browse through the complete list of the isolates in the table below. Use the buttons beneath the table to copy or download the displayed values.

The isolates are uniquely identified by a digital object identifier (doi) issued by StrainInfo that provides resolution of microbial strain identifiers from different culture collections.

If you want to have more information on a specific isolate, please select your isolate in the table and click on the button on the right.

An isolate of interest?

Cultivation of the HiBC isolates

On this tab we detail the cultivation conditions required to best grow each HiBC isolate. The graph on the right highlights the media most frequently identified as the best media to grow individual strains. A further media were observed only once.

Use the buttons beneath the table to copy or download the displayed values.

Assemblies of the HiBC isolates

Explore the genome assemblies of the isolates via the two interactive plots and the table below.
Use the buttons beneath the table to copy or download the displayed values.

Completion and contamination
Genome size and assembly fragmentation


Details on the HiBC isolate


The isolate belongs to:

Cultivation and isolation metadata


Genome assembly and metadata

Genome quality
Assembly details

Genomic features

Genome and 16S rRNA sequences

16S rRNA gene sequence
Genome sequence

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